Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

For many people, today is the most romantic day of the year. What’s more romantic than Enzo Milano saying his vows to Ava and professing his love in Italian?  My second book in the Sunflower Trilogy, Turn Towards the Sun: After the Rain is officially live on Amazon.

I’m also running a little giveaway. Order your copy on Amazon, then come to my Facebook page and comment with your order number. On Friday morning (2/15) I will select one of the comments to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

I hope you love this next installment in Enzo and Ava’s love story.

Jen D

PS- the link is on the “Buy the Book” page.



8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    • Hi Jenn! I haven’t started writing book three yet but plan to in the next week or so. I’m guessing sometime in the summer but I have no idea yet. I promise to keep you posted. I want to do a really good job for it and produce a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. Stay tuned! JD

  1. I purchased book 2 yesterday morning and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it, great job, but still want more! Please don’t leave us in suspense for long, I need to read more about Ava & Enzo!

    • Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks for supporting the book and for commenting. It’s always an honor for me when someone is willing to give up sleep to read my work. 🙂 I promise not to leave you in suspense for too long. I plan to start writing book three soon and hope for a summer release- just around the corner! I’ll keep everyone posted. Have a great day.

  2. Yay thank you so much for starting Book 3. I am totally in love with Ava and Enzo. Loved reading their love story. I cried, laughed and got mad. Stayed up late and finished it at work the next day!!!!! (Bad girl!!!) So can’t wait for the final chapter to their life.

    • I’m thrilled you liked it. I enjoyed writing it so much. These characters are my first to come to life so they are very near and dear to my heart. I’m glad you feel that way about them. I will keep everyone posted as book three progresses!

  3. Bought and read this book all in one day! So excellent. I am secretly hoping Ava and Enzo live on past book three! You’ve done a fabulous job with them!

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