The Official Release date and Title of Book Two is HERE!

Thank you all for being here and for supporting my book. I’m excited to release the title, cover, and release date of book two.

It’s called, Turn Towards the Sun: After the Rain. It’s all about commitment and weathering any storm. I hope you like the cover! And now for the release date. What better day to release a love story than FEBRUARY 14TH?  That’s right! After the Rain will be available on Amazon on Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to see more about the book and interact with me, come check me out on my Facebook page.

after the rain


My vision for Enzo Milano…

It took a long time and many Google searches, chats with readers on my Facebook page, and soul searching. Putting a face to the breathtaking Mr. Milano is not as easy as it seemed. A reader suggested this gentleman and I must say I was smitten. He is perfectly Italian, with lovely eyes, delicious lips, and just the right balance of edgy intensity and smouldering tenderness. He is Antonio Cupo.

enzo cupo