Book Two Progress

Book two  is currently in the hands of test readers and after that, will be off to the editor. I really thought Turn Towards the Sun would be the only book, but once I started writing it, I realized it should be two. About three-fourths of the way through writing book two, I again realized it should be three. So, that’s where we stand now. It will be a trilogy.

My estimated release for book two is early 2013. Once it’s available, I will begin writing book three and plan for a summer release for that.

I’m still in the process of selecting a name for the next two books and will post that as soon as I know what it is.

I’m working on some guest blog posts and interviews so keeping very busy. Stay tuned here for updates about the release of book two.

As always, thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Book Two Progress

  1. I so can’t wait, lost count how many times I have read book one, not sure if it was 5 or 6. I read FOG 4 times but since I read TTS, I tried to read FOG a 5th time and gave up halfway through book one, it just didn’t have it for me. So when I saw your post that it will be early 2013 I got so excited, thing It’s time to read it again before book 2 comes out and even more excited that there will be a book 3! Great job writing it, you should be proud of yourself. And yes, if you need anymore test readers, I would gladly give up my time to read it, LOL

    • Hi Beth, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with me over the book. I get a kick that you called it TTS… much simpler! After the success of FOG, it warms my heart to hear your comparison and experience with my book. I hope the next two books charm you as well. I will keep your test reading offer in mind.

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