Turn Towards the Sun- A novel by Jennifer Domenico

Ava Bradshaw is stuck in mid-flight.  On the edge of her thirtieth birthday, she finally ends a devastatingly bad relationship that left her wounded and insecure. With a plane ticket in her hand she sets out on her own, ready to make a life for herself in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

Ava thought she had it all planned out, she had a job, an apartment, and a no dating rule in effect. What she didn’t plan on was meeting the intense Italian architect Enzo Milano, a local celebrity in Phoenix. The handsome and commanding Enzo sweeps the young and vibrant Ava into his world of galas, prestige, luxury, and money.

Enzo is charming, breathtakingly gorgeous, and a self-made American success story. He’s also a seasoned womanizer who has zero interest in relationships. Still, he can’t deny there is something special about Ava and considers trying an old-fashioned romance. But it has to fit into his life.

Their passionate journey leads them to Italy and back and finds both of them faced with making major life adjustments for the sake of the relationship. Can Ava  let go of what she thought her life would be like to be a part of Enzo’s? Will Enzo wait for her to decide?

Sexy, humorous, and touching, Turn Towards the Sun will resonate with any woman whose life didn’t quite work out as she planned.